Draughts 5.2.1

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International draughts game (10x10 board), with native PDN support.

Enjoy the most popular variant of checkers in the world, the International draughts (10x10 board where pieces can also capture backward).

Dr Checkers relies on a powerful engine designed specifically for Android using the latest refinements in Game Theory. Six difficulty levels are available.

With Dr Checkers, playing checkers on your phone has never been so natural. Its unique interface guesses the move you want to play if you select the wrong square.

Share by mail your best games. Import PDN files then watch thousand games of professional players. Save your favorite games in your library. Analyze them later using the replay feature. Find your game quickly thanks to the preview tool. If you are cornered, seek advice from Dr Checkers.

Key Features:
* 7 Difficulty levels (First level for kids)
* One/Two players mode
* Import PDN File in your library
* Save your games in a library exportable to PDN
* Share your games by mail
* Three themes: Wood, Blue and Marble
* Instant Help
* Designed for both Tablets and Phones
* Optimized for multicore processors
* Polished and intuitive interface
* Swype Left/Right to Undo/Redo
* Breathtaking animations
* Preview your game before loading
* Match Replay
* Big fingers friendly
* English and French supported

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